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Bridge & Soundboard Tools

Bridge & Soundboard Tools


Soundboard Shim
SKU: 0575
Spruce shims, 30" long for filling cracks in sounding boards.

Item #0575

Our price: CA$ 4.00

Bearing Check Gauge
SKU: 1215
Used to check the bearing of a string on the bridge. Place the center prong on the string between the bridge pins. Align the end prongs over the same string.

Item #1215

Our price: CA$ 33.50
Soundboard Shimming Tool
SKU: 1225
Wedge-shaped cutting tool for preparing cracked sounding boards for shimming. Wood handle.

Our price: CA$ 55.90
Shimming Chisel
SKU: 1227
For preparing V shaped crack of proper depth. Glued shim is then inserted in the opening, driven tight, trimmed and scraped. 8" long, 7/8" wide.

Item #1227

Our price: CA$ 70.52
Bridge Chisel
SKU: 1230
The offset enables you to position the chisel flat to exert pressure at glued joint.

Item #1230

Our price: CA$ 51.44

Soundboard Steel
SKU: 1250
Flexible spring steel for pushing cloth under strings to clean sounding board. 24" long.

Item #1250

Our price: CA$ 6.58
Bridge Pin Drills
SKU: 1393-A
These drills are recommended for bridge pins from size #6 to #10.

Item #1393

Our price: CA$ 4.87