For Grand Pianos

For Grand Pianos


Adjustable Flanges Only
SKU: 2121
Adjustable Flanges Only. Each.

Item # 2121

Our price: CA$ 6.50
Grand Backcheck Wire
SKU: 2222-12
2 3/4" long, knurled one end, fluted other end, nickel plated. Price per doz.

Item #2222

Our price: CA$ 5.95

Grand Backchecks
SKU: 2220
Renner or Steinway type - without wire. Price per set of 90.

Item #2220

Our price: CA$ 448.41

Grand Backchecks
SKU: 2221
Standard - commonly used on U.S. pianos. Each.

Item #2221

Our price: CA$ 4.10
Grand Damper Wire
SKU: 2159-12
Made of tempered steel 7" long. Price per doz..

Item #2159

Our price: CA$ 24.74

Grand Hammer Shank Knuckles
SKU: 2150

Highest grade of doeskin. Japanese or German. Price per set of 90.

Item #2150

Our price: CA$ 359.90

Grand Hammer Shanks - adjustable flange
SKU: 2120
Shanks with Adjustable Flanges. For quick replacement when exact type required is not available.

Item # 2120

Our price: CA$ 24.50
Grand Shank Only
SKU: 2110
Shank ONLY. Knuckle attached. Price each.

Item #2110

Our price: CA$ 8.59
Grand Shank Washers
SKU: 2170
For Grand Shank Flanges. Brass, Nickel-Plated 3/8" O.D. Helps prevent split flanges. Per set of 90.

Item #2170

Our price: CA$ 6.39
Grand Shanks & Flanges
SKU: 2104
Standard, Mason & Hamlin pre 1973 and many other brands. Price per set of 90.

Item #2104

Our price: CA$ 841.67