For Spinet Pianos

For Spinet Pianos


Damper Lever
SKU: 0081-A
With flange and spring, for compact actions, 2 15/16" long. Each.

Item # 0081-A

Our price: CA$ 9.90
Damper Lever Springs
SKU: 0082-C
Brass nickel wire.
For spinets.
Price per 100.

Item #0082-C

Our price: CA$ 27.90
Jack Flange Only
SKU: 0076-A-12
Compact Type. Price per doz.

Item # 0076-A

Our price: CA$ 25.92

Jack with Flange
SKU: 0075-A
Assembled - for Spinets, 2" long from center pin to end of jack. Each.

Item # 0075-A

Our price: CA$ 5.90
Lifter Button
SKU: 0196-12
Price per doz. or per set of 90.

Item #0196

Our price: CA$ 13.92

Repair Damper Springs
SKU: 0175-B
For spinets. Held in place by the flange screw. Simply back the screw out two or three turns, insert spring and tighten screw to complete installation. Price per doz.

Item #0175-B

Our price: CA$ 19.70
Rubber Grommets
SKU: 0197
For stickers. Per set of 100.

Item # 0197

Our price: CA$ 29.30
Spinet Damper Flange
SKU: 0080-A

With spring. Wood. Each.

Item # 0080-A

Our price: CA$ 6.18
Spinet Hammer Shank
SKU: 0095-A-12

Maple; 3/16" x 4-1/4" for spinets & consoles.

Price per doz..


Our price: CA$ 8.40

Spinet Spring Rail Springs
SKU: 0176-C
Price per 100.

Item #0176-C

Our price: CA$ 24.79