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Hammer & Shank Tools

Hammer & Shank Tools


Grand Voicing Tool
SKU: 1345
Through the string grand voicing tool for fine voicing of individual hammers.

This slender 9" brass tool allows easy access to hammers without pulling out the action.

Needle is held by a set screw, and is replaceable.

Our price: CA$ 68.50
Tectone Hammer Hardner
SKU: 0835
Tectone hammer hardener can be applied to any part of the hammer without fear of overdoing it. Results can be heard after about 30 minutes and needling can still be done. If necessary, apply more than once. 8 oz flip-top bottle.

Item #0835

Our price: CA$ 13.90
Tectone Hammer Softener
SKU: 0836
Tectone hammer softener can be used to make the hammer tone more mellow. It is the perfect product for those new pianos that sometimes have too hard hammers. Works on old hammers too. Apply to the hammer felt and leave overnight. 8 oz flip-top bottle.

Item #0836

Our price: CA$ 13.90
Hammer Shank Reducer
SKU: 1110
Used with combination handle to remove glue from hammer shanks, or reduce them in size. Hardened cutting jaws will last a lifetime. Slight turn of nut adjusts size to within 1/100 of an inch.

Item #1110

Our price: CA$ 32.35
Grand Hammer Butt Spacer
SKU: 1119
For lining up and spacing grand hammers and shanks. 6 1/2" long.

Item #1119

Our price: CA$ 39.98
Grand Shank Press
SKU: 1269
For removing grand hammerheads by pressing shank through the head.

Our price: CA$ 59.90
Grand Hammer Head Extractor
SKU: 1270
Remove grand hammer heads quickly. Can be used without removing shanks from action rails.

Item #1270

Our price: CA$ 171.68
Knuckle Removing Pliers
SKU: 1271
Remove grand knuckles quickly and efficiently with these 8" forged steel pliers.

Item #1271

Our price: CA$ 77.21
Shank Knurling Pliers
SKU: 1299
Well suited for knurling or compressing hammer shanks. 6" long.

Item #1299

Our price: CA$ 91.52
Hammer Smoothing Tool
SKU: 1307
Used hot to iron felt hammer heads. Polished brass head.

Item #1307

Our price: CA$ 47.62