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Key Repair Materials

Key Repair Materials
Used Ivory Heads are generally available.
They must be purchased separately from other items on this site. The price is $2.50 each. They can only be shipped to addresses in Canada. Click Here To Order Used Ivory ONLY


Aluminum Key Bushing Wedges
SKU: 1412-A

Available in 3 sizes. 1-1/4" long. Each.

Our price: CA$ 7.00

Bar Polish
SKU: 0056
For key tops.
Reddish-brown Tripoli for genuine ivory.
Nu-White for pyralin or ivorine. 2 lb. brick.

Item #0056

Our price: CA$ 6.80

Buffing Wheels
SKU: 0063-B
Fine durable cotton. Use more than one if broader surface desired. 8" dia., 1/2" hole.

Item #0063-B

Our price: CA$ 48.76
Ebony Sharps
SKU: 0055
For grand pianos made of Ebony 3-5/8" long. Price per set of 36.

Item #0055

Our price: CA$ 499.90
Ivorine Fronts
SKU: 0059

1" Squares .030 thick. Regular white. Price per set of 52.

Our price: CA$ 23.00
Jiffy Key Leads
SKU: 0610

Screw on key leads. Improves balance of piano keys. Comes with screws. Price per 100.

Item #0610

Our price: CA$ 123.90
Key Bushing Cloth
SKU: 0010-X
Extra-Quality, imported from England, scarlet with white center, tightly woven, long wearing. Finest bushing cloth available. Three strips are enough for the fronts and center of one set of keys. Individual strips 11/32" wide x 52" long. Price per strip.

Item #0010

Our price: CA$ 7.50

Key Bushing Insert
SKU: 521.84
A new molded bushing insert for fast, easy, and permanent replacement of worn bushings. Each.

Item #521

Our price: CA$ 0.90

Key Buttons
SKU: 0097-10
2 3/8", for uprights, sold in a strip of 12 or set of 90.

Price per doz. or per set of 90.

Item #0097

Our price: CA$ 57.60

Key Front Spring Clamp
SKU: 248

6" long, nickel plated clamp has one arm folded so that it can be inserted in the front bushing hole. Each clamp has a 1" square brass piece included for clamping key fronts.

Item #248

Our price: CA$ 23.50