Keyboard Tools

Keyboard Tools


Key Tightener & Easer
SKU: 1095-
One end permits easing of the key pin hole. The other end enables oversize key pin holes to be closed slightly to tighten the key.

Item #1095

Our price: CA$ 57.90
Punching Lifter
SKU: 1105
6" long, Nickel finish.

Item #1105

Our price: CA$ 29.90
Gram Weights
SKU: 1108
Set of brass weights useful in regulating the touch resistance. From 1 to 63 grams.

Item #1108

Our price: CA$ 53.90
Offset Key Spacer
SKU: 1135
The offset in this tool makes it easy to reach past the front row of key pins when twisting or bending key pins under the sharps. 6" long.

Item #1135

Our price: CA$ 51.90
Capstan Wrench
SKU: 1169
4" or 8" long.

Item #1169

Our price: CA$ 39.90

Capstan Wrench
SKU: 1171
Double bend facilitates positioning.

Item #1171

Our price: CA$ 20.90
Capstan Regulator
SKU: 1173
Pointed Capstan Regulator, 8" long.

Item #1173

Our price: CA$ 41.90
Capstan Regulator
SKU: 1174
Universal Capstan Regulator: slotted end regulates square capstans; the pointed end regulates any capstan with a perforated head.

Item #1174

Our price: CA$ 60.97
Capstan Regulator
SKU: 1175
Steinway Capstan Regulator.

Item #1175

Our price: CA$ 17.08
Key Leveling Device
SKU: 1190
Makes key leveling easier, faster and more accurate. Once the float pin is set, the variation in the height of each key can be easily observed. Packed in fleece-lined pouch.

Item #1190

Our price: CA$ 130.50