Pedal Accessories

Pedal Accessories


Bottom Board Spring
SKU: 0242
5" long, Blued steel, for lower front board.

Item #0242

Our price: CA$ 2.30
Conical Spring
SKU: 0764
Used to slip under pedals to increase tension and force quick return. No screws necessary. Price each.

Item #0764

Our price: CA$ 3.02
Desk Spring
SKU: 0240
For grand piano key board but can also be useful to increase return of grand pedal levers. Blue steel. Thin; gauge .025", 3-1/4" long: or Medium; gauge .035", 5" long. Each

Item #0240

Our price: CA$ 5.00

Fluted Pedal Pins
SKU: 0771
2-1/4" long x .157" diameter.

Price per doz.

Our price: CA$ 15.90
Lyre Braces
SKU: 2616
Brass plated, 5/16" diameter. 14" or 23" long. Price per pair.

Our price: CA$ 69.90

New Pedal Brackets
SKU: 0763
To replace cast iron type. Have improved feature of Nylon bearings. Brackets are stamped steel, with gusset bend at flange for extra strength. Mounting center of bearing is 3/4" from base. Price per pair.

Item #0763

Our price: CA$ 6.90
Norris Spring
SKU: 0244
Made of spring steel. Each.

Item #0244

Our price: CA$ 12.70
Nylon Pedal Mounts
SKU: 07635
Molded nylon, Pin hole to base 15/16". Set of 6.

Item #07635

Our price: CA$ 15.90
Pedal Brackets
SKU: 0760
Cast iron, pin hole to base 5/8" or 7/8". Price per pair.

Item #0760

Our price: CA$ 4.30

Pedal Extensions
SKU: 0758
Permit children to operate pedals from natural sitting position. Adjusts to any height. Very easy to attach . . . does not interfere with use of master pedals. Nickel plated. One pair.

Item #0758

Our price: CA$ 151.90