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Piano Care Products

Piano Care Products


SKU: 1974-4

A non-greasy, one step treatment designed to polish and preserve all fine instrument surfaces.

ALL-BRITE protects surfaces against drying and cracking. It’s the perfect all-round polish for new or old pianos.

Our price: CA$ 17.00
SKU: 1980-4

BUFF-BRITE is used to remove fine scratches from High Gloss Pianos. 4 oz.

Our price: CA$ 23.90
Gold Spray Lacquer
SKU: 1908-A

Antique Gold. Pre-catalyzed lacquer. Quick build formula. Superior flow-out. No overspray. 11 oz.

Our price: CA$ 31.30
Humidifier Pads
SKU: 5232
4 Replacement Humidifier Pads.

Our price: CA$ 20.00
SKU: 1972-4

This product is specially formulated to clean, brighten and preserve all plastic, ivory and wood keyboards.

Our price: CA$ 15.10
Piano-Glo Polish
SKU: 1918-A

PIANO-GLO is a combination of lustre oils and cleansing ingredients which not only cleans the surfaces of pianos of soil accumulations and smoke film, but actually nourishes and preserves the moisture balance to prevent drying out and cracking of the finish.

No hand rubbing, leaves a dry dust free, lustrous sheen that is long lasting and beautiful on all pianos. Available in 2 oz or 8 oz.

Our price: CA$ 7.98

Steel Wool Wax
SKU: 1904

A specially prepared wax base compound used with steel wool or an abrasive pad. Aids in removing packing marks and surface scratches. Quart.

Our price: CA$ 51.90
Super High Gloss Polish
SKU: 1970-2

This polish is specially formulated to clean and protect high-gloss polyurethane and lacquer finishes in one easy step. It is safe to use as often as desired to eliminate fingerprints, smudging and static that attracts dust.

Use BUFF-BRITE to remove hairline scratches, then follow up with this polish for a mirror-like gloss.

Our price: CA$ 9.48

Touch-Up Marker
SKU: 1903-A

A quick way to color edges, scratches or worn spots. Quick drying, valve operated.

Our price: CA$ 23.30