Piano Locks

Piano Locks


Hands-Off Fallboard Clamp
SKU: 2474
HANDS OFF - Unbreakable black plastic fallboard lock, with self-contained locking device. Lined with felt to protect piano finish. Has a 6" wide opening and is supplied with 2 pre-drilled shims to adjust height. Comes with 2 keys which are keyed alike.

Item #2474

Our price: CA$ 171.00
Jaras fallboard Clamp
SKU: 2472
Jaras - The clamp is made from a special hardened steel and has a rubber sleeve to protect the piano's finish.

Item #2472

Our price: CA$ 108.50
Triangular Lock key
SKU: 0266-A
For Upright Piano Locks.

Item #0266-A

Our price: CA$ 3.98
Upright Piano Lock
SKU: 0265
Complete lock with triangular key, strike plate with round ends and escutcheon. Satin Brass finish.

Our price: CA$ 27.00