Regulating Tools

Regulating Tools


3 Way Damper Regulator
SKU: 1145

3 Ways, new style, with right angle, 45° and straight, all in one convenient tool.

For combination handle.

Our price: CA$ 71.90
3-in-1 Gauge
SKU: 1268

This useful, compact gauge assists in:

Adjusting Let-Off 1/8"

Backcheck Distance 5/8"

Hammer Blow distance 1 7/8"

Our price: CA$ 69.90
Action Cradle
SKU: 1470

All metal construction, can be quickly dissassembled and stored in a minimum amount of space.

Our price: CA$ 590.00
Action Post Extension
SKU: 1240

An aluminium device extends and locks in any position from 12" to 20" long.

Our price: CA$ 90.50
Action Regulating Pliers
SKU: 1296

With concave-convex jaws for bending bridle, damper and backcheck wires.

7 1/2" long.

Our price: CA$ 245.00
Agraffe Tool
SKU: 1195

For turning grand agraffes in or out.

Fits the combination handle

Our price: CA$ 39.90
Back Check Tool
SKU: 1197

For removing or turning into place grand or upright backchecks.

Fits the combination handle.

Our price: CA$ 51.50
Backcheck Wire Bending Pliers
SKU: 1297

Parallel action pliers for bending backcheck or bridle wires forward or backward, 6 3/8" long.

Our price: CA$ 690.00
Bent Back Check Regulator
SKU: 1154

Used to bend backcheck or bridle wires without taking out the nameboard. 5" long.

Our price: CA$ 87.90
Butt Plate Inserter
SKU: 1222

To insert brass butt plates. 10" long.

Our price: CA$ 45.30