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Restringing Tools

Restringing Tools


Canister for Piano Wire
SKU: 0457
The most economical and practial way to store piano wire. Holds any standard Lb. or 1 Lb. Coil.

Item #0457

Our price: CA$ 15.90
Tuning Pin Blue
SKU: 0495
A quick drying high gloss lacquer for restoring the finish on tuning pins. Will also retard further rusting. Pins should be carefully cleaned. 4 oz. bottle.

Item #0495

Our price: CA$ 29.00
Replacement Tubing
SKU: 0497-B-12
For tuning pin cleaner.

Item #0497-B

Our price: CA$ 6.65

Metal polish
SKU: 0497-C
Metal, plastics & fiberglass polish.
Restores paint.
Corrosion protection.
1.76oz, (50g)

Our price: CA$ 31.90
Power Tuning Pin Socket
SKU: 1035
Triangular shank one end, star head on other. For use with power tools to remove tuning pins.

Item #1035

Our price: CA$ 47.62
Tuning Pin Setter
SKU: 1040
For driving tuning pins when they must be set further into the block. 5 1/2" long handle. Bright nickel finish.

Item #1040

Our price: CA$ 57.16
Stringing Crank
SKU: 1045
Used when stringing, for winding coils on tuning pins, freeing other hand. Speeds stringing. Swivel handle.

Item #1045

Our price: CA$ 57.16
Tuning Pin Socket
SKU: 1050
For brace. Fits hand brace for backing out or turning in tuning pin. 3 1/4" long.

Item #1050

Our price: CA$ 30.44
Rachet Head
SKU: 1055
Tough alloy steel. For use with power tools to drive tuning pins. 3/8" square socket one end, star head other end.

Item #1055

Our price: CA$ 70.52
False Beat Elininator
SKU: 1203
A string-stretching tool 12" in length that has a tip with a semi-cirular groove wide enough to accept up to .060" diameter piano wire.

Item #1203

Our price: CA$ 48.95