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Trucks & Dollies


Piano Dolly
SKU: 1489
Strong, light, low priced. 3" hard rubber ball bearing swivel casters, carpeted ends, 900 lbs. capacity. Dolly 30" x 18", weight 16 lbs. Shipped assembled.

Item #1489

Our price: CA$ 151.90
Twin Piano Dollies
SKU: 1488
For use anywhere Upright pianos must be moved quickly and easily. Piano is raised from the floor only 3/4". Dollies are equipped with 2 1/2" diameter, 1" face, heavy duty ball bearing swivel casters. Will fit any piano up to 15" deep at bottom exclusive of legs.

Item #1488

Our price: CA$ 390.00
Grand Leg Dollies
SKU: 1487
Individual leg dollies. Cast iron with three ball bearing rubber wheel casters. The piano is raised no higher than regular casters. Inside dia. 4". Set of 3.

Item #1487

Our price: CA$ 393.90
Grand Piano Truck
SKU: 1485-A
All of our piano trucks have sturdy steel telescoping legs that are easily adjusted for the angle at the center.

Item #1485

Our price: CA$ 1,400.00

Replacement Caster for Grand Truck
SKU: 1485-F
With or without lock.

Item #1485-E

Our price: CA$ 79.90