Tuning Tools

Tuning Tools


Vinyl Carrying Case
SKU: 3501
Vinyl - For Peterson # 3500

Our price: CA$ 150.00
Peterson Strobe Tuner
SKU: 3500
Peterson Tuners are the most advanced tuning devices available. The AUTO-STROBE 490 offers +2/-1 shifted octave display, adjustable concert A pitch reference, digital accuracy to within 1/1000 of a semitone, and an LCD screen for easy use.

Item #3500

Our price: CA$ 1,850.00
Protective Case
SKU: 1064
For individual tuning forks.

Item #1064

Our price: CA$ 3.98
Tuning Fork - Heavier Construction
SKU: 1062
A-440, 5-1/2" long.

Our price: CA$ 145.90
Sheffield Tuning Forks
SKU: 1060
Blued steel imported from England. Sheffield forks enjoy a long standing reputation for accurately maintaining pitch. Each is furnished in a plastic case.

Item #1060

Our price: CA$ 41.90

Wittner Tuning Fork
SKU: 1059-2
Imported from Germany. Nickel Plated. A-440.

Item #1059

Our price: CA$ 25.70

Gang Mute
SKU: 1080
One piece rubber construction,with 13 wedges, 6 1/2" long.

Item #1080

Our price: CA$ 25.30
Split End Wood Mute
SKU: 1075
Covered with buckskin, 9" long.

Item #1075

Our price: CA$ 23.90
Split Mute with Wire Handle
SKU: 1074
Buckskin covered, 8" bent wire handle.

Item #1074

Our price: CA$ 37.30
Papp's Treble Mute
SKU: 1073
Treble mute of tweezer design imported from England. 8" long, molded nylon, with case.

Item #1073

Our price: CA$ 25.30